Huge apartment $550 3 bedroom 4 bath very large kitchen in Zona Rosa Building Services included very special property 1900 sf!!!!

special note. We have a lot of requests for large Apartments in this region. because of the exceptionally low pricing on this unit, the only way that we are able to procure commission is with the client. Our commission is 1 months rent. Thank you for your understanding, as we are confident that you will be saving this with the low rent offset within a few months.
Are you tired of Stingy little kitchens and relatively small spaces in high-rise Apartments? Are you wanting something in a very nice area near the tranvia and everything, but you have a limited budget?

We’ve got a huge 3 bedroom 4 bath Apartments with a huge kitchen that is listed at around 1900 square feet. This is about 500 to 700 square feet larger than a typical three bedroom apartments in a net officio. It comes with parking space, price includes building fees, pets accepted, elevator access and 24 hour security.

1 your contract please

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