Hey there guys! As a lot of you know it can be quite tough trying to find a decent place to live. When I came here five years ago, it seems like it was a lot easier. However, due to the craziness that is going on in the northern continent for which I will not name, it seems as though there are a tsunami of new expats here in Cuenca. Maybe or maybe not…time will tell.

Jeff and I used to work separately, but because of the arduous nature of this type of work, we have found that with combining forces, we are able to serve our clients much more efficiently. For the most part, I am the computer geek that works too get decent properties in decent neighborhoods with decent landlords that are not too crazy, and Jeff is the concierge that can get inside the client’s head and deeply understand what he or she needs. He takes customer satisfaction very seriously and so do I, as we know what a tough time a lot of the residents are having here with their housing situation.

We are looking to develop a system for which we are the go-to people for those needing decent housing here in Cuenca. No matter what country you are in, there always seems to be issues with those who deal with properties. Whether it’s not calling back, or making promises to look for a property and not following through, or pushing an unwanted property on a client and wasting time, we joined forces in order to overcome these obstacles.

So what I’m saying is let us be your go-to people before you get yourself in a frustrating situation. Believe me, I know how bad housing sucks! …And believe us, we both understand how vulnerable a person can be in a foreign land.

Jeff and I will always try to work for your best interests. We routinely save our clients substantial sums of money by negotiating fair deposits, and by combing through contracts with great precision. We don’t make the contracts, but we sure proofread them. We work for you. We work so that disasters in housing are as minimized as much as possible.

We always try to get back with you as soon as we humanely can.The system is much easier when you have a competent team than when you’re working by yourself.  I kid you not, this can be grueling work sometimes!

Every property is hand-picked and screened for suitability, location, and landlord craziness. We truly work to make sure the property works for you! We are not perfect, but we are pretty darn good.

That being said, prices on modernized, Western-Style apartments and houses have gone up. To be sure, there are quite a few cheap Ecuadorian style apartments and houses. 

Although I am sure there are a number of exceptions, I find it difficult to rent Ecuadorian style apartments and houses, as the hanging light bulbs and tiled kitchen cabinets seem to turn a lot of people off, even if it is cheap, clean and in a good spot. Overwhelmingly, I have found that the expats here in general want Westernized housing. however, these type of properties have definitely gone up in price, although there are some good deals out there.

And there are some decent properties that are cheap but need a little work, like spackling and painting, are very minor electrical. I have found that many of the landlords are older Ecuadorian ladies, often times widows that are on very fixed incomes and just do not have the money to fix the place up “super spiffy.” They are great deals to be had in this realm, and possibly in the future we can offer some sort a package deal to get a property fixed up nicely, but affordably. Time will tell…(this is just in the brainstorming stage, nothing firm).

Normally my writing style is very colorful and flamboyant, but I find the lack of decent housing that people are looking for a bit alarming. So I ask that you forward this post to everybody you know, or anybody you think might be coming to Cuenca to live permanently, as to avoid very unpleasant traumatic situations. At least you can get on our mailing list so that you will be in the know of what is available.

Remember, we are not slick agents trying to make a fast buck, we are deeply caring facilitators who know that there are a lot of vulnerable folks who are getting jacked around.

So take a look at our simple website, or you can check out our housing Facebook group page. Be sure to ask to join, as we only want serious people, but we try to answer as many questions as we can there.

You can see them all here https://cheapcuencarentals.wordpress.com/

You can discuss these properties at Jeff an I on Facebook (be sure to ask permission to join group)—there is much love and peace in this group!


You can call me at 099 707 2884 or USA 1-325-515-4103

Have an awesome day!